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About Kojo

KOJO is a creative services business. We seamlessly merge strategy, creativity & technology to understand audiences and inspire them by delivering memorable experiences and stories with compelling outcomes. At our core we are idea generators, storytellers & creative artists who engage and influence millions people globally through live, digital, & screen-based storytelling across every channel, every device and everywhere. Whether it is thrilling moviegoers, connecting brands with customers, inspiring employees or engaging sports fans; KOJO makes you one simple promise. To tell your story like no other; Kojo.com.au


Why are we recruiting this role?

KOJO is a company on the move. In the last few years we’ve opened two new offices, launched a new division, grown our revenue by over 50% and expanded our national team across all divisions. All of this has been driven by consistently delivering awesome work to our clients, and winning new business as a result.

Of course - more work, bigger projects and an adventurous use of technology means our Sys Admin, DevOps and Development needs have also escalated. Our brilliant and much-loved Technical Director Hubert needs a side-kick, an apprentice, a Skywalker to his Obi-Wan.

The roadmap for this role is exciting. With clear aspirations to move towards an advanced model that includes deployment pipelines and toolsets, micro-architectures and cloud-based hosting environments - this role will expose you to a broad range of technologies to stretch your toolkit and teach you new skills. All this under the tutelage of a manager and team that encourage you to problem solve and contribute at a higher level.


What would you be doing?

  • Client System Monitoring (add to the roster of support staff for critical systems)
  • Client Systems Maintenance/Patching/Backups
  • Monitor CVE security announcements and act accordingly
  • Client Domain and DNS management
  • Client Hosting Provisioning
  • Client Website Deployments (source and database migrations)
  • IT coordination and task execution
  • KOJO Development Systems Maintenance
  • Client Staging Systems Maintenance
  • Contribute to Development Team workflow to improve development processes
  • Facilitate the Development Team
  • GIT issues (merge / pull request reviewer)
  • Staging Systems specialisation (out of the norm projects requiring non-standard components)

Future Stuff - Coordinated with current managers involvement:

  • SMB Website Audits (CVE patching… on selling upgrades to client to cover work)
  • Client Website Patching (as per CVEs above)
  • Hosting Audits... where can we save money
  • Future hosting planning


Interested? email: matt@ponyexpresstalent.com

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